Logitech G502 PROTEUS CORE Specs

by logidownload
Logitech G502 PROTEUS CORE Specs
PMW3366 optical sensor
200-12,000 DPI
121 grams
75mm (2.95 inches)
75mm (2.95 inches)
132mm (5.2 inches)


The Logitech G502 PROTEUS CORE Specs wired gaming mouse caters to dedicated gamers seeking a blend of performance, customization, and comfort during intense gaming sessions. Its sculpted design ensures long-lasting comfort, while the unique customizable weight system allows you to fine-tune the mouse’s balance to your preference for improved control and a satisfying heft. This feature lets you experiment with different weight configurations, finding the sweet spot that enhances your gameplay.

Under the hood, the G502 PROTEUS CORE boasts the PMW3366 sensor, renowned for its exceptional tracking accuracy and responsiveness. This sensor offers a customizable DPI range of 200 to 12,000, allowing you to tailor sensitivity for different game genres and personal preferences. Whether you require pixel-perfect precision in fast-paced shooters or smooth tracking in strategy titles, the G502 PROTEUS CORE adapts to your needs. Furthermore, the mouse features 11 programmable buttons, giving you the ability to set up macros and in-game commands for enhanced control and efficiency, empowering you to react quickly and execute actions with confidence on the battlefield.

Details Specs

SensorHERO (16,000 DPI)
Buttons11 programmable buttons
LightingWhite LED logo illumination (no RGB)
Weight121g (customizable with optional weights)
Dimensions132 x 75 x 71 mm
ConnectivityWired, USB 2.0
SoftwareLogitech G HUB
Onboard memoryYes