Logitech G302 Specs

by logidownload
Logitech G302 Specs
Delta Zero optical sensor
200-4,000 DPI
71 grams
4.69 in (119 mm)
2.56 in (65 mm)
4.49 in (114 mm)


The Logitech G302 Specs Daedalus Prime wired gaming mouse is a well-rounded option for MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) enthusiasts seeking a balance between affordability, performance, and features specifically tailored to the genre. Its lightweight design, tipping the scales at just 85 grams, ensures effortless control and rapid movements crucial for quick decision-making and precise aiming in fast-paced MOBA games. Additionally, the G302 features a classic six-button layout, offering essential controls readily accessible for MOBA gameplay.

At its core, the G302 boasts a reliable Mercury optical sensor, renowned for its decent tracking accuracy and responsiveness. This sensor offers a customizable DPI range of 250 to 2500, allowing you to adjust sensitivity for optimal performance in MOBA games, where both pixel-perfect precision and smooth tracking are essential. Furthermore, the G302 features durable metal spring buttons for a satisfying click feel and long-lasting performance, crucial for the rapid button presses common in MOBA games. This combination of features empowers you to react quickly, execute actions with confidence, and dominate the battlefield in your favorite MOBA titles.

Details Specs

Resolution (DPI)200-2500
Tracking SpeedUp to 30 IPS
Max AccelerationUp to 25G
Connection TypeUSB 2.0
Cable Length2.1 meters (6.89 feet)
Buttons6 programmable buttons
Scroll WheelStandard scroll wheel
LightingNo lighting
Dimensions(H x W x D) 38 x 68 x 122 mm (1.50 x 2.68 x 4.80 in)
SoftwareLogitech Gaming Software
Warranty3-year limited hardware warranty
Other FeaturesAmbidextrous design, on-the-fly DPI switching