Logitech G300 Specs

by logidownload
Logitech G300 Specs
HERO 25K optical sensor
100-25,600 DPI
75 grams
68.3 mm (2.69 inches)
62.1 mm (2.44 inches)
120.3 mm (4.74 inches)


The Logitech G300 Specs wired gaming mouse offers a compelling blend of affordability and performance for aspiring and casual gamers. Its lightweight design, tipping the scales at just 85 grams, ensures comfortable use during extended gaming sessions, minimizing fatigue and allowing for quick movements. This makes it ideal for gamers who prioritize a nimble and responsive mouse.

Despite its accessible price point, the G300 packs a punch with the Mercury optical sensor, known for its decent tracking accuracy and responsiveness. This sensor offers a customizable DPI range of 250 to 2500, allowing you to adjust sensitivity for optimal performance in various game genres. Additionally, the G300 features nine programmable buttons, giving you the ability to set up macros and in-game commands for enhanced control and efficiency.

Details Specs

SensorAvago 3325 optical sensor
ResolutionUp to 2500 DPI (adjustable)
Buttons9 programmable buttons
LightingBlue LED logo illumination (no RGB)
Dimensions124 x 68 x 43 mm
ConnectivityWired, USB 2.0
SoftwareLogitech Gaming Software
Onboard memoryNo